Certified Female Friendly

Marketing Part 1: Branding and Beyond

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Branding and Beyond

Communication in business is a primary part of being female friendly, especially communicating more effectively with women. This course will help you learn to enhance your listening skills, telephone etiquette, and great customer service, along with tips on how to reach female customers in your local area. Positioning your business as the provider of choice for women looking to make that major purchase of a new or used vehicle, purchase tires, or obtain service and repairs.

Table of Contents

1. Gaining the Trust of Your

Female Clientele

2. The Ask Patty Promise

3. Attracting a Larger Share

of Her Budget

4. Promoting Service and Repair

to Women

Gaining the

Trust of Your Female Clientele

Gaining the Trust of Your Female Clientele

It’s not a secret that women consumers are not fond of automotive businesses. Nowadays, social media has taken over forms of communication and opinion, with females providing the primary input. This course is to help your business turn this outlook around!

Educate Your Customers

“What is Ask Patty?”

  • We also encourage you to find a place on your website to explain the Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly Certification, and what it means to your clients. As you know, a certification like this is a true learning experience, and a commitment to serve women customers with first-class service.

The Power of Branding

One great way you can market to women is by branding your business as Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly.

Make the Promise, Share the Promise

The Ask Patty Promise

Create a page, usually under your “About Us” section, which is dedicated to the Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly designation, the training you have received, and the commitment that you have made to her, along with the “Ask Patty Promise.”

This is the creed of the Certified Female Friendly business. The AskPatty Marketing Portal made available to your organization provides information and images for your use, including a series of social media images discussing the “Ask Patty Promise” for your social media pages.

The Ask Patty Promise

The Promise

We Promise:

  • To provide our customers with an automotive retail experience based on trust, respect, and improved communications. When our customers have questions, we will get the answers they need right away.
  • To provide customer service that is honest, safe, and transparent. We will always be honest with our customers, and our customers can be honest with us.
  • To surpass our customers’ expectations with the highest level of customer service to win lifetime loyalty. If our customers are not comfortable, we are not happy.
  • To do our job right the first time, every time. If there is a problem, we will make it right.

Attracting a Larger Share of Her Budget

We have all heard about the income gap between, and it’s true that women tend to earn less overall than men in the workplace. In addition, women tend to spend a smaller portion of their income on cars compared to men

When making a marketing plan with female consumers in mind, it is important to remember that women and men see the value of cars differently.

For Dealers:

Change Focus

When marketing a new car to women, focus less on imagery and performance as women are not impressed by horsepower, torque, or a visual of a truck on a rocky mountainside. Instead, gain her confidence by focusing on safety, reliability, and value vs cost.

There is an often-cited statistic that 80% of a specific vehicle sold 20 years ago are still on the road today. Statistics like this communicate to the female consumer that when she chooses to purchase this specific vehicle, she is getting a vehicle that she can rely on for years to come.


Where do the vehicle brands you offer rank in terms of safety and reliability? How great is the warranty, and how much will you add to that warranty? If you can communicate to a woman that she will have a worry-free car for the next 5-10 years, that is a powerful value statement.



Remember Your Training!

Rely on your listening skills and practicality. Is your customer a mom? Is there enough room to pack up the kids for a road trip? Is there back seat infotainment? Some vehicles have a built-in vacuum, this is something that your customer may be interested in. Fully explain the amenities and safety features. These features will help her to see herself and her family in the vehicle for years to come.

Promoting auto service and repair to women

Promoting Service and Repair

Over 60% of women request service and repair work for their own vehicles. While women are inherently mistrustful of automotive businesses, 70% of women will buy tires if they are told they need them. Does this seem like a contradiction to you? It isn’t, really. This is a combination of factors – remember, women consumers are interested in reliability, safety, and practicality.

The female consumer’s approach to service is “Trust but verify.”

Use the Same Approach in Content Marketing

Visual Content

In terms of marketing to women, you can use the same “show, don’t tell” approach. Use your company’s social media videos to share insights to women before they make the decision to visit your shop. You can make a 30-second video showing (with permission) a brake rotor that has been scarred by the caliper, an air filter that hasn’t been changed in 10,000 miles, or a tire whose tread has steel showing.

Be Transparent About Cost

Don’t Shy from Cost

Explain what causes these problems, how to recognize them for themselves, what should be done about it, and a general idea of what it will cost. You don’t have to make an estimate in a public video, but something like “Repairing a part like this can cost about (this much) $x. However, by waiting until it looks like this could end up costing you (this much) $y, not to mention a longer repair time.” Again, remember transparency and honesty, and always focus on reliability and practicality.

What’s Next?

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