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Green Marketing

Women consumers now are emphasizing more on sustainability, eco-friendliness, affordability, and being more climate conscious and this is creating changes in the way consumers see the automotive industry along with impacting consumer’s automotive choices.

Table of Contents

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Highlight Your Current Green Practices
  • A Little Bit Greener
  • Community Involvement
  • Hybrid service and repair

Fuel Efficiency

People are serious about their vehicle’s fuel and it’s safe to say that fuel economy is top-of-mind for women consumers, independently of their opinion on climate change or the environment.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy is a major talking point about new and used cars, and tips to improve fuel economy is a major talking point in the service and repair industry. That goes for tires too! As you know, using good, properly inflated tires can have a huge positive impact on your fuel economy. When you’re talking to women customers, remember that fuel economy ties into both her concern for the environment, and her concern for her own budget.

Service, Repair & Tire

We’ve seen a surge in the availability of hybrid and electric vehicles, and features such as Auto-Start-Stop on engines are becoming increasingly standard. Recent research has suggested that women are extremely receptive to environmentally-oriented marketing.

You’ve probably already had some customers who say, “My car just uses too much gas, I need something more efficient.”


Highlight Your Current Green Practices

Highlight Your Green Work

In the auto industry, businesses already have established green practices, such as oil recycling and tire recycling programs, and all the additional regulations that have to be followed. However, remember that women perceive the auto industry as being dirty, greasy, and not environmentally friendly.

Change That Perspective!

You can differentiate yourself from your competition by highlighting the green practices you already have – make a brief video explaining that you recycle oil and tires and consider showing some of that process if possible. For example: green signage, such as “Tire recycling center” near the area where old tires are staged before being sent for recycling can help to offset some of that “dirty” perception.

A Little Bit Greener

This can be done by replacing your lighting with LED bulbs, include a recycling receptable in the waiting area in addition to the trash can, and use recycled and recyclable cups for your coffee machine – say goodbye to styrofoam. Consider adding a solar panel or two to your roof and save yourself a little on electricity while you’re at it.

You can also engage in community involvement showcasing your green practices. Coordinate with local municipalities or companies to do a recycling drive for materials that are typically difficult to recycle.

Community Involvement

Host an E-Waste Drive!

What to Recycle?

E-waste is a great option to recycle – old televisions, computers, cell phones, anything with electronics inside, these items cannot just be thrown away with the regular trash.

More ideas…

Other Green Initatives

Provide your community with an opportunity to safely and responsibly dispose of their e-waste (perhaps by offering an incentive, like a free green vehicle checkup) can go a long way toward positioning you as a company that takes their environmental responsibility seriously.

Other options include general recycling drives, and green driving car care clinics.

Get Creative

Other items can be recycled in creative ways, as well. Old child seats can be recycled for their plastic and metal content, and the foam seat cushion can be given to a local animal shelter or rescue for use as dog beds! Creative thinking like this can make you really stand out as an automotive business with the environment, and the community in mind. Regular events such as these can make you known as a destination for green and eco-friendly expertise!

Hybrid Service

and Repair

Hybrid Service & Repair

Finally, as we mentioned, there are a great many hybrid and electric cars on the road today, these cars need service, too! Service centers can receive training and certifications in hybrid and electric service, including battery reconditioning, from several companies.

How Can You Help?

Become a Hybrid Service Center

Consider adding this to the services you offer, and if you do, advertise your hybrid and electric service offerings loudly and proudly. This will truly make you a unique business in your local area.

We recommend The Hybrid Shop, at for any Hybrid or Electric vehicle repair needs – they offer a comprehensive turnkey system to enable any business to become a hybrid repair facility with an instantly recognizable name and branding.

Add a Charging Station

Adding an EV Charging station at your location is another way to enhance your eco-friendly business!

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