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Most businesses already do some email marketing. If you do, this chapter will help you to refine those efforts to make sure that your email marketing efforts really resonate with women. If you don’t, then we hope that you can use these ideas to build an effective email marketing campaign.

Table of Contents

  • The “Brass Tacks” of Email Marketing
  • Do Your Homework
  • Think Diversely
  • Tell Women’s Stories
  • Showcase Your Female Employees

Down to Brass Tacks

For companies who are new to email marketing, it can be a little bit of a disappointment at first. Between spam filters and just the sheer volume of promotional emails that everyone receives every day, it can be a challenge to break through that wall. However, if you’ve just done your first email marketing campaign and you’re not seeing the anticipated click rate, be patient. Starting small is how email marketing works.


Email marketing is most effective when its done over a sustained period, and on a regular schedule.

Consider making your marketing efforts a newsletter offering updates on your employees, their families, and their pets – this will put a human face on your business and will help you and your business resonate. Also, just like in your social feed, don’t be afraid to include a little humor.

Take Your Time to Grow

Of course, include some tips and educational items, along with any major announcements and current specials. An e-news-exclusive discount is a great way to boost readers.

And finally, stick with it. Provide your customers the choice of sharing their email or not (but let them know about those exclusive perks), and ensure your list is an “opt-in”. MailChimp is an example of an email marketing service to help you manage subscribes and unsubscribe.

Do Your Homework

When it comes to targeting women in email marketing, just using hearts in your subject line, and coloring your email header pink isn’t going to do it. Many automotive businesses do not take the time to represent women’s needs, challenges, goals, and appearance authentically.

You’ve done a big part of that homework already – by knowing how women feel about the auto industry, and what they respond to in marketing efforts (remember, its reliability, safety, practicality, and environmentally friendly), you already have a good idea of how to communicate with women in your email marketing efforts.

You Know What to Do!

Think Visually…

Visually, also make sure that you’re using images that represent women authentically and respectfully. Women consumers are diverse in age, profession including moms and students, demographics, and appearance, along with the LGBTQ community, so your visual images in email pieces should be also. This is all a part of who women are, so you need to make every effort to ensure all women feel seen and validated in your marketing efforts.


You can find a great many professional photos to use in your email marketing efforts at free stock photo repositories such as Unsplashed, located at

Think Diversely

Think Diversely

Try to remember that marketing to women is less about gender, and more about humanity. Women’s perspectives are always shifting and changing,

Think about all the different avenues of identities that make up the women in your local audience: race, age, background, education, career, family, and kids.

Tell Women’s Stories

There are plenty of opportunities to tell women’s stories by using your social media, email, and other marketing efforts.

From using women’s history month as an opportunity to highlighting important female contributions to the automotive world, to sharing a positive experience from a female customer, you should take every opportunity to give a voice to the women who influence, or have influenced, your community, your business.

Showcase Women Employees

In your email marketing campaigns, when telling women’s stories, also socially promote your female employees. We suggest writing up a fun questionnaire and showcase their unique qualities. Ask them questions like “What tv show or movie would you recommend to others, and why?” or “What is the one tool that you couldn’t live without, and why?”

What About Men?

Of course, you can (and should) showcase your male employees, too. The emphasis is to engage the female consumers. Ensure your female employees are visible, front and center, emphasizing the focus on them first.

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