Lunch & Learn: Supporting Gender Identity and Expression

What are your pronouns? Depending upon several factors, this question may make you feel welcome and accepted, or it may make you uncomfortable. Modern social psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists agree that gender is a social construct which is distinct from biological sex. In today’s working environment, it is important to recognize and understand the motivations and psychology behind gender identity and expression, in order to make your business a more welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all genders.

Previous sessions

Session 1: The Meaning of DEI
Session 2: Unconscious and Implicit Bias
Session 3: Focus on the Multigenerational Workforce
Session 4: How to Interview, Select, and Compensate Sales, BDC, and Management 
Session 5: Cultural Awareness and Belonging
Session 6: Key Steps to Create Consistent Levels of Traffic
Session 7: Improve Client Retention in Sales and Service
Session 8: Addressing Microaggressions
Session 9: Build a Powerful Customer Care Team

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