About Ask Patty

About AskPatty.com

AskPatty.com, Inc. began as a website with one goal in mind to help women feel more comfortable when buying or repairing a vehicle. Since 2006 our flagship product, Certified Female Friendly®, has been training dealerships, independent service centers, tire dealers, quick lubes, and car washes. 6000 locations have been certified on the best practices to communicate effectively with women. Today, we have taken the philosophy that launched Certified Female Friendly® and expanded it into a suite of Certifications that touch every aspect of an automotive business. Helmed by a panel of superhero consultants from across the industry and we call this suite UpShift™.

About Ask Patty

UpShift™ training, certification, and consulting

Provide your present and future employees the tools to create and sustain an equitable and inclusive work environment to compete in a growing diverse market because business leaders must ensure their employees are ready to meet workplace challenges and thrive.

UpShift™ training is designed to help you elevate your automotive business’ operations to higher profitability. Grow a diverse and inclusive culture by developing leadership skills and emotional intelligence. Effectively hire, train, and retain more employees.

About Ask Patty

Ask Patty provides the automotive industry with tools to:

  • Create and sustain an equitable, inclusive and diverse culture
  • Compete and serve a diverse customer base
  • Develop leaders that ensure employees meet challenges and thrive
  • Enhance emotional intelligence 
  • Hire, train and retain loyal happy employees

The Consultants are expert Problem Solvers, Leaders, Innovators and most importantly Partners dedicated to helping advance your organization to the next level.

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About the CEO Jody DeVere

About Ask Patty
Jody DeVere, CEO

Jody DeVere is the CEO of AskPatty.com, Inc, a website, blog, and marketing to women agency providing automotive education to women consumers, as well as training, ongoing marketing support and education, and certifications to car dealers, independent service locations, tire dealers, collision centers, and other automotive retailers. As a social media marketing to women expert, journalist, car care expert, and safety spokesperson, it has been a primary goal to promote, mentor and support careers for women in the automotive industry, and she has more than twenty-five years of achievement as a successful entrepreneur focused on sales and marketing leadership to assist her in this quest. She is a champion for women in the automotive industry, and her company serves as the first point of contact for many women who are seeking the very best in car sales and service across the United States and Canada.

She speaks at events nationwide quite often and has a proven history as an educator for conferences held by American Car Care Centers, DSP20 Groups, Mercedes Benz Corporate, the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA.org), National Independent Automobile Dealer Association (NIADA.org), JD Power Automotive Internet Roundtable, GYNYDA, NAWBO, Marketing to Women Conference (M2W.biz), Car Care Council Women’s Board, BlogHer.org along with the Northwood Auto Show and the Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals.

Jody continues to do speaking engagements on the automotive industry, social media as well as marketing to women, and everything in between.

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