Welcome to Lunch & Learn, the free Ask Patty monthly webinar series dedicated to courageous conversations among professionals in the automotive industry. Beginning in September 2022, enjoy a new webinar every month featuring real ideas, hard questions, and in-depth discussions, enjoyable during your lunch break.

Presented by Joni Stuker, author and Ted Talk Presenter with 32 years proven automotive consulting experience. See Joni’s bio here.

Upcoming Sessions

Session 5: Cultural Awareness and Belonging

Monday February 13, 2023
1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific
45 Mins

What does it mean to build a culture of belonging? In the post-COVID world, workers seemed to realize that they had value outside of their own productivity, and began to seek out employers who valued their workers for more than simply their effect on the bottom line. Today’s workers are more focused than ever on where they belong – politically, socially, academically, and professionally.  A sense of belonging topped the list of the 2021 Global Human Capital Trends.  In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of developing a culture of belonging in a polarized world.

Registration Link: https://askpt.link/xn5

Session 6: Key Steps to Create Consistent Levels of Traffic

Monday March 13, 2023
1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific
45 Mins

It’s about more than just keywords and algorithms.  Creating content that ranks highly with Google’s robots does not guarantee that your content will resonate with human readers.  Learn how to create a constant, consistent level of website traffic by setting goals, creating a plan, and making the most of all your communication and content channels.  From the blog to Facebook to your site’s front page, this webinar is all about how you can bring in a steady stream of interested visitors to your site month after month.

Registration Link: https://askpt.link/grm

Session 7: Improve Client Retention in Sales and Service

Monday April 10, 2023
1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific
45 Mins

Registration Link: https://askpt.link/lqn

Previous Sessions

Session 4: How to Interview, Select, and Compensate Sales, BDC, and Management 

We’ve all been on the prospect’s end of a job interview, and we’ve all heard the dreaded question: “Why do you want to work here?”  Today, however, your prospects want to ask you the same question, flipped: “Why should I want to work here?”  Conducting an interview is simultaneously a process of getting to know a candidate, their skills, experience, and – crucially – their potential for success, while also selling yourself as an employer. This webinar will help you to rethink the way you conduct your job interviews, leading to hiring better candidates.

Session 3: Focus on the Multi-generational Workforce

The modern workforce is inherently multi-generational, and people from different generations approach work in different ways. Work habits, expectations, communication styles, and organizational skills will vary greatly from one generation to the next.  In this webinar, we will focus on harnessing the power of these differing perspectives to construct a workforce that is truly diverse, exceptionally cooperative, and extremely versatile.

Session 1: The Meaning of  ‘DEI’

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Session 2: Unconscious and Implicit Bias

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