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UpShift Training, Certification and Consulting for the automotive industry provides your present and future employees the tools to create and sustain an equitable and inclusive work environment to compete in a growing diverse market; business leaders must ensure their employees are ready to meet workplace challenges and thrive.

Whether you are looking to better serve your women customers, grow a more diverse and inclusive culture, develop leadership skills, develop emotional intelligence, or hire, train, and retain more loyal and happy employees, UpShift™ powered by Ask Patty® can help.

UpShift Culture Certification

Aligning your company culture with the needs of an increasingly diverse customer can differentiate your business from its competitors and draw in a larger audience. The UpShift Culture Certification will help participants identify their current culture and develop goals and tactics to become more inclusive. In addition, this certification provides communication and marketing tools that will align an inclusive culture with the company’s brand. By completing this certification, businesses will learn to implement cultural awareness into their day to day business, engage with a diverse population online and in turn attract new customers and increase sales.

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UpShift Workforce Certification

The UpShift Leadership Certification offers transformation through leadership examination and training. These sessions offer evidence-based practices to empower and motivate innovative environments that develop excellent places to work. Participants will gain an understanding of the strengths and opportunities of their leadership styles in addition to setting goals to develop better relationships within their work environment.
These workshops will provide a skill set that leads to diverse employee recruitment, retention, and a successful team environment.

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UpShift Leadership Certification

Surrounding yourself and your business with the right team may be the most important factor in your success. This certification will address the individual and team needs of each organization. Participants will understand goal setting and professional development as well as inclusive environments and recruitment. First, you need employees to fill the voids in your business. Without a strategic recruitment and retention plan this is impossible. In order to help employees grow and assist in reaching your organizational goals, they must feel safe, seen and understood. Professional development and diversity are the keys to making this possible. This certification will set your business and your team on the right direction for success.

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UpShift Master Certification

Communication, inclusivity and productivity are keys to a successful business. By ensuring you have the right team in place to reach your intended audience and that this team feels appreciated and safe in their work environment, you will see an increase in your business as well as the personal growth of your employees and customers. The UpShift Master Certification provides you and your team with the skill sets needed to create a productive and inclusive workplace. In addition, this certification provides step-by-step tools to help you recruit the right team and customer base for your business. Participants will gain an understanding of inclusive culture, communication and leadership. Although each course can be taken individually, it is recommended that all participants strive for the Master certification to gain the most results.

Master Certification includes UpShift Culture, Workforce, and Leadership Certifications.

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UpShift Dealer Series: Dealership Alchemy – Turning Leads to Gold

Presented by Joni Stuker

Since the first dealership opened in 1898, the environment has gone through levels of consistent change yet in many ways, some patterns and processes have remained the same. Call it a “presence of conflict”. Some of these patterns resonate a high level of stagnant behavior. The true effectiveness of day to day operations at a dealership must change by commencing with the need for fresh job descriptions that reflect the defined world we live in.

Consumers expectations are at a heightened level with sincere demands for not only better service, but also the need to be securely heard. Keep in mind, no one wants to be sold. They want their needs to be met, in every facet from sales to service. With vehicles being made more efficient, customers need less service which results in a significant reduction to in store visits. Therefore, dealerships must find a way to strengthen their customer relationships via a virtual platform.

Based upon decades of professional experience, every key department’s roles, up to and including leadership, has to be transformed to meet these expectations. This is what we call “Dealership Alchemy,” and with this series, we will teach you how to transform every aspect of your dealership to meet modern expectations – and transmute your old and stagnant leads into gold.

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