3 Reasons Summer is a Great Time to Get Certified Female Friendly with Ask Patty. Summer is the perfect season to take your automotive business to the next level by becoming Certified Female Friendly with Ask Patty. Whether you’re an auto dealer, tire dealer, service center, or quick lube, enhancing your appeal to female customers can significantly boost your business. With more people on the road and in need of vehicle services during the summer months, now is the ideal time to demonstrate your commitment to providing an exceptional, welcoming experience for women.

3 Reasons Summer is a Great Time to Get Certified Female Friendly with Ask Patty

Why’s that, you ask? We’re glad you did! Three reasons summer is an excellent time to start:

1. Increased Customer Engagement: Summer is a time for road trips, vacations, and vehicle maintenance. With more people on the road, your automotive business can see a significant uptick in traffic. By becoming Certified Female Friendly, you’ll attract and retain more women customers, who are a crucial demographic in the automotive industry. Demonstrating your commitment to providing a comfortable, respectful, and knowledgeable environment will enhance your customer loyalty.

2. Staff Training and Development: Summer can be slow in some aspects of the business. Make time for staff training and development. By enrolling in the Ask Patty program now, you can ensure your team is fully trained and ready to provide exceptional service to all customers, especially women. Being proactive will set you apart from competitors and prepare your business for the busier fall and winter seasons.

3. Capitalize on Summer Promotions: Take advantage of our Sizzling Summer Special! Use coupon code “SIZZLE” to get 15% off any Ask Patty membership. This limited-time offer makes it more affordable than ever to invest in your business and start reaping the benefits of being Certified Female Friendly. Not only will you save money, bu3t you’ll also gain access to valuable resources and support to help you better serve your female customers.

3 Reasons Summer is a Great Time to Get Certified Female Friendly

Don’t miss out on this hot opportunity to boost your business and build lasting relationships with female customers. Join Ask Patty’s Certified Female Friendly program today and use code “SIZZLE” for 15% off!