Let’s get personal.

A deep dive into the real-life experiences, journey, and advice from women in automotive. 

For International Women’s Day, Reuters Events Automotive interviewed several incredible women in automotive, to inspire inclusion and unite others in how we build a better future for the industry. 

In this article, we get personal, to shine light on real life experiences, views and advice. We hope you are inspired!

In this Reuters Events Automotive exclusive, 20+ leaders delve into:

  • What IWD means to them, their career experience, and thoughts on automotive
  • How women and men can support women in the automotive industry
  • How the automotive industry can accelerate DEI

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Contributors include:

  • Kristen Siemen, Vice President Sustainable Workplaces & Chief Sustainability Officer, General Motors
  • Justine Johnson, Chief Mobility Officer, Michigan OFME
  • Barbara Bergmeier, Executive Director, Industrial Operations, Exec Champion of D&I Networks, JLR
  • Laura Brailey, Head of Retail Operations, Mazda UK
  • Kate Clay, HR Director, eStar Truck & Van
  • Katrin Schneider, Senior VP of Transformation Project, SBU Intelligent Cockpit, HARMAN Automotive
  • Cheryl Thompson, Founder and CEO, Center for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement
  • Erin Baker, Editorial Director, AutoTrader
  • Lauren Tedesco, Senior Vice President, APMA
  • Anya Ernest, Principal Engineer, Polestar
  • Shantera Chatman, President, Global Culture Strategist, PowHer Consulting
  • Jody DeVere, CEO, AskPatty.com, Inc
  • Kathy Gilbert, Governing Board, Women In Automotive
  • Amberly Allen, Managing Partner of Dealer Merchant Services and President of DI Marketing, Dealer Merchant Services
  • Diana Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Constellation
  • Jamie Farley, Podcast Creator, Get In Her Lane Team
  • Jaymi Wilson, Senior Vice President and General Manager North America Automotive, Global Sales and Marketing, Gentherm
  • Eileen Falkenberg Hull, Senior Editor, Autos, Newsweek
  • Scotty Reiss, Founder, A Girls Guide to Cars
  • Jennifer Morrison, Leader of Vehicle Safety, Mazda
  • Axel Cooley, Board of Directors Automotive, Women’s Alliance Foundation
  • Sandy Zannino, Executive Advisory Board Ally Partner, WOCAN & DEI Champion
  • Fleming Ford, Director, Business Talent Solutions, NCM Associate
  • Michelle Gee, President, Women in Automotive Technology

Access your 15+ page interview series here >>>