Ask Patty is pleased to present Lunch and Learn, the Ask Patty monthly webinar series dedicated to courageous conversations among professionals in the automotive industry. Beginning this month, enjoy a new complementary webinar every month featuring real ideas, hard questions, and in-depth discussions, enjoyable during your lunch break. Presented by Joni Stuker, author and Ted Talk Presenter with 32 years proven automotive consulting experience.

This Month’s Session: Focus on the Multi-generational Workforce

The modern workforce is inherently multi-generational, and people from different generations approach work in different ways. Work habits, expectations, communication styles, and organizational skills will vary greatly from one generation to the next. In this webinar, we will focus on harnessing the power of these differing perspectives to construct a workforce that is truly diverse, exceptionally cooperative, and extremely versatile.

Monday November 14, 2022
1pm Eastern / 11am Pacific
45 Mins

These sessions are complementary. For more information, visit our Lunch and Learn page, or register at this link: