Mapping Your Successful Career Reinvention with Dr. Sirena Pellarolo

Mapping Your Successful Career Reinvention with Dr. Sirena Pellarolo. She will be hosting this incredible 6-week online group career coaching program where you’ll learn how to move from stuck and confused to thriving and prosperous. By means of a powerful tool, Nature’s Wisdom Map, created by Career Coach Rikk Hansen from Brilliant NEXT, you will be able to clarify your next steps.

  • Discover and engage with the infinite possibilities in front of you
  • Clearly identify the current stage of your re-launch
  • Understand and navigate your specific challenges efficiently and effectively
  • Recognize the abilities you already have, and the ones you need to further develop
  • Unleash your personal power of self-expression and creativity
  • Create a plan of action that will lead you towards your North Star

This 6-week online group program teaches participants how to navigate mid-career changes from a holistic perspective, focusing mainly on mindset clarity, strength, self-confidence and identifying action steps. Participants will effectively set a plan of action to jump-start a successful mid-career re-launch.

The program covers:

A Preliminary 30 minutes private “Breakthrough Session” where you will:

  • Identify your challenges
  • Become crystal clear of where you’re at and where you want to go
  • Set goals for the next 6 weeks

Six 90-minute weekly sessions where you will:

  • Receive personalized coaching
  • Find the support of a group of peers
  • Work closely with other participants in break-out rooms
  • Become accountable to the group and the coach
  • Practice interactive exercises in a safe environment
  • Complete in-between-sessions assignments
  • Transform with the synergy of the group
  • Stay connected through a private Facebook group

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