UpShift Leadership

The UpShift Leadership Certification offers transformation through leadership examination and training. These sessions offer evidence-based practices to empower and motivate innovative environments that develop excellent places to work. Participants will gain an understanding of the strengths and opportunities of their leadership styles in addition to setting goals to develop better relationships within their work environment.
These workshops will provide a skill set that leads to diverse employee recruitment, retention, and a successful team environment.

Session 1: Leadership Styles that Get Results

Session Instructors:
MarSession Instructor:
Martha E. Rader, Ph.D.

Most people underestimate the impact an organizational climate has on the financial results of a business, and most managers believe their leadership style is based on personality rather than choice. Leadership and managers make up a large part of an organizational climate, their leadership style influences communication, motivation, development and ultimately the financial growth of a business. Leadership styles can be strategically based on choice if taught through a lens of understanding the bigger picture.

This class will delve into an understanding of different leadership styles and the results each style can garner. Participants will gain an understanding of choice in leadership and how it can directly impact a better working environment where teams will have satisfaction, motivation, and an inclusive friendly environment.


  • Development of an awareness tool to use for leadership improvement
  • Increased employee satisfaction, motivation, inclusivity, performance and retention
  • An action plan to implement positive leadership, increasing profits
Session 2: Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Session Instructor:
Martha E. Rader, Ph.D.
McCeil Johnson, J.D.

There is power in assessment and self-awareness. This power provides perspective of yourself and others and enables positive adjustment for better decision-making to influence people and business outcomes. Understanding your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses enables opportunities for improved employee satisfaction, motivation, productivity, inclusivity, and retention.

This workshop style class uses a DiSC Management Assessment to provide valuable feedback that will enable you to take different approaches to positively influence others in a variety of ways. Using data from the assessment, participants will identify behavioral styles, stressors and motivational, and conflict points for themselves and others.


  • Awareness and understanding of self and others’ workplace and management/leadership behavioral motivators, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences
  • An action plan to improve relationships and motivation in the workplace, that in turn can improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention
  • Identification of positive leadership style and behaviors to improve an inclusive workplace
Session 3: Emotional Intelligence and Business Success

Session Instructor:
Patricia A. Muir, PCC

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) builds wellbeing and resilience for effective leadership and performance. Unlike IQ, EQ can be learned and expanded upon as leaders develop within an organization. Strong EQ skills lead to successful leaders, employees, and business growth with “good” profits and healthy bottom line.

In this class, participants will gain an understanding of EQ and its effect on business success. They will learn how to implement EQ skills to build stronger relationships with customers. In addition, they will understand how to best use EQ to improve personal and professional effectiveness.


  • A deeper understanding of the role of emotional intelligence and work performance
  • Action plan to implement personal leadership growth of EQ into business practices
  • Development of Star Performers with enhanced personal and professional satisfaction
  • Increased employee retention with an optimistic and resilient workforce
  • Enhanced customer relationships
Session 4: Courageous Conversations in the Workplace

Session Instructors:
Martha E. Rader, Ph.D.
McCeil Johnson, J.D.

If you are not connecting with your customer before they arrive at your business, you probably will not win their business. Over the past several years, the automotive market has seen a huge change in the purchasing process of most customers. Clients no longer arrive at a dealership or service center without knowledge. They have done their research and are prepared to make a purchase when they arrive.

Research is gathered online through reviews, word of mouth and brand awareness. Customers have determined where and how they want to spend their money based on a relationship that is developed online. Humanizing digital communication is key to connection and building that relationship. Customers want to know your story and believe in the business they are supporting. This class will teach you how to reach that customer, connect with that customer and in turn close a sale before they even enter your place of business.


  • An understanding of key influencers on behavior through self, situation and systems
  • A transformation of fear into courageous action by identifying assumed truths
  • Applicable strategies to communicate effectively with a diverse workforce
  • Increased employee recruitment and retention, engagement and productivity