UpShift Workforce

UpShift Workforce. Surrounding yourself and your business with the right team may be the most important factor in your success. This certification will address the individual and team needs of each organization. Participants will understand goal setting and professional development as well as inclusive environments and recruitment. First, you need employees to fill the voids in your business. Without a strategic recruitment and retention plan this is impossible. In order to help employees grow and assist in reaching your organizational goals, they must feel safe, seen and understood. Professional development and diversity are the keys to making this possible. This certification will set your business and your team on the right direction for success.

Session 1: Leading a Thriving Workforce

Session Instructors:
Donna M Wagner, MBA/MAAP
Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.

Creating a map for personal development can drive your business into high gear. Within this map, developing a culture for a diverse friendly atmosphere allows individuals to flourish in their own identity. The key to a successful mapping process includes identifying challenges and creating accountability.

This interactive workshop will teach participants how to navigate change from a holistic approach. They will clearly identify their current development “location” in addition to recognizing roadblocks and challenges. Participants will celebrate their current abilities while focusing on the ones that need further development to create a competitive edge. Tools will be offered to foster mindset clarity, asset-mapping and self-confidence.


  • Development of a personal map with next steps to jump-start a successful professional relaunch
  • Development of a comprehensive goal set with plan of action
  • An understanding of diversity and inclusion and the role each plays in personal development
  • A plan of action for overcoming obstacles as they may occur
Session 2: Attracting and Developing Diverse Employees

Session Instructors:
Donna M Wagner, MBA/MAAP
Martha E. Rader, Ph.D.

Attracting and retaining diverse talent is an important step toward growing an inclusive, successful employee base that can help your company achieve its goals. A diverse employee base will positively impact customer service and CSI. In addition, it increases a loyal customer base, referrals and additional sales.

This session will raise awareness of how each step of the human resource process can impact inclusivity. By participating, your organization will have the tools to create the culture, benefits and recruiting process that bring diversity to your teams. Topics covered in this class will include recruitment, onboarding, training, shadowing and mentoring in addition to untraditional work-life benefits attractive to a diverse workforce.


  • A marketing plan to recruit diverse employees to your team
  • Training and onboarding tactics to set up new employees for success
  • An understanding of the untraditional needs of a diverse workforce
  • A basic understanding and plan for employee mentoring
  • Increased diverse customer base leading to increased sales
Session 3: Recruiting Automotive Technicians

Session Instructor:
Donna M Wagner, MBA/MAAP

Filling open technician jobs has been a challenge for decades. Many shops recruit technicians away from competitors just to have the technician leave a short time later. By using an analytical approach, creating an inclusive workplace and developing a step by step plan, we can stop the cycle.

This session will outline how to create a pipeline of technicians that want to work for you and stay with you. The guide will develop a systematic approach to recruitment and retention. Participants will be provided with guidelines on developing an inclusive work environment that will attract an entire new pool of applicants. Our recruitment and retention plans develop committed employees that will recruit for you and better connect with your diverse customer base.


  • Development of a networking program that will organically recruit technicians into your business
  • A marketing plan developed to recruit diverse employees to your team increasing your technician pipeline
  • An evaluation tool for existing technicians’ job structure and career paths
  • Implementation guidelines for internships, onboarding and mentoring programs to improve employee retention
Session 4: Hiring Women in the Auto Industry

Session Instructor: Jody DeVere

Proportionally few women apply for jobs or seem to be interested in pursuing a career in the auto industry. In fact, many women have never given the idea much consideration, and have a negative reaction to the idea of working in an automotive business. In this session, we will discuss the best practices that you can use to make it clear that your automotive business is a great place to work, no matter what one’s gender may be.

According to Cumulative Gallup Workplace Studies, an Inclusive Culture improves recruiting results and decreases turnover. The same study also found that organizations known for fostering diversity have an a tremendous advantage in today’s competitive hiring environment.


  • Write better employment ads
  • Rethink job interviews
  • Attract and nurture a naturally diverse workforce
  • Increase loyalty across all your team members