Inclusive Internal Communication


UpShift Culture Session 3 – Inclusive Internal Communication, featuring Claire Calhoun


Using inclusive internal communication with your team members is essential to building an internal culture that is progressive and attractive to all intended audiences. Developing a positive work environment in turn increases productivity. Inclusive communication in marketing and branding tactics, both internally and externally, is essential to building a brand and culture that draws a diverse audience. By incorporating these tools into your company identity, customers will see your brand as progressive and inviting.

By using team building skills and listening strategies, you will attract new employees and increase productivity in your current team. Launching an internal communication plan that focuses on belonging is key when attempting to build an inclusive culture. Externally, strategic public relations, social media and communication you can attract new customers to your business and change the image of your brand.

This workshop will explore your organization’s current culture and identify areas where inclusive communication techniques can improve the culture’s quality. Participants will gain applicable tools for internal inclusive communication. In addition, they will understand the development of an internal communication plan and the basics to external inclusive communication. External tactics will include the basics of media relations and earned media coverage along with social media campaigns and implementing your certification into the culture of the business.


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